Happy New Year! As you can see we have come back and we are eager to build our second CanSat, and to start strongly, yesterday, 10th of January there was a meeting in the Planetarium of Pamplona where we met a lot of teams that are gonna make their own CanSat in Navarre… Same as us!

But hey, even though we have to compete against each other there is a very good atmosphere! We are very happy to meet the other teams, and to see that the same problem can be solved in very different ways, depending on what team solves it. We want to learn from other teams and if we are lucky, teach them something new. In this talk the people at the planetarium talked about how to talk in front of a crowd and what the judges judge, about the importance of good communication and even about taking plants to Mars.

In conclussion, we have come back with a lot of strenght and we are more happy than ever…. We can’t wait to do the CanSat!

Some photos taken in the talk: