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We are a team of 6 students of IES Iturrama BHI, located in Pamplona, Navarre.

What is a CanSat?

It’s a simulation of a real satellite, which has to fit in a soda can or a container of it’s size. We have to fit the main things a real satellite has in that space, like a battery, sensors and a communication system.

Once the CanSat has been built it’s dropped from a height that’s approximately one kilometer high. We have to make the CanSat fall in a controlled way, for that we will use a parachute, but we could use a drone like fan blade system, for example. Of course, while it’s falling we have to receive the data that the CanSat records and sends, and once the experiment is done we have to organize the data and draw conclusions. All of this makes this an awesome project for us, as we love making this kind of stuff.


From our blog

New year, new CanSat!

Happy New Year! As you can see we have come back and we are eager to build our second CanSat, and to start strongly, yesterday, 10th of January there was a meeting in the Planetarium of Pamplona where we met a lot of teams that are gonna make their own CanSat in Navarre… Same as…

Mikel Casado

General development

Hodei Gaspar

3D printing and design

Lander Jimenez

Hardware enginner

Gorka Fernandez

Parachute design and construction

Igor Blanco

Community manager

Eneko Garrido

Software Enginner

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